Monday, March 26, 2012

My Weekend in Rajasthan!

I had a pretty amazing weekend at the Samode Palace near Jaipur. A friend gave us this mini-holiday as our wedding present! Yay! We drove there from Gurgaon and it took us about 6 hours to get there, twice as much time as googlemaps said it would take. Fortunately, it took us 4 hours to get back, which wasn't too bad.

The highway to Jaipur was a lot better than what I had expected--initially, I was a bit afraid as we were stuck in a traffic jam full of trucks that looked like they would fall apart any second, but as the traffic eased, I was less afraid. Don't get me wrong, you still see people driving on the opposite side of the roads, motor-cycles (actually dirt bike equivalents) with entire families without helmets on, over-stocked trucks that tilt sideways as they speed ahead, and a hell of a lot of other scary things, but it's still doable. We actually saw 12 people, they looked like an entire extended family, cramped into one tiny little car.

The Palace was really beautiful and the service was excellent! All-in-all, really nice wedding present to get :)

Camels are cute!

These puppets are kinda scary.

Makes you feel like a princess.

They keep the water here ice cold.

Not for epilepsy patients!

Lovely view!

Again, not for epilepsy patients!


  1. well when u stand in front of a window! and quote it as really pretty window that is kinda weird! cause u look prettier :p

  2. why thanks sumedh! in spite of the fact that the entire palace was really ornate, that window stood out to me the most.